Where Are The Parents of The Boston Bombers?

That’s a question a lot have been asking:


But the relationship the Boston Bombers had with their parents is not one we understand well here in America where poverty and war has not forced our family members apart.

I thought it was really strange too.

For example, if something like that happened to one of my children, I would be on the next plane here.  But their parents circumstances are quite different.  They have experienced war and what it does to people.  The Boston Bombers first exposure to the terrorism of war began when they were children.  What they witnessed is not what the average American teenager witnesses.  That, alone, is certain to skew your world view.  I think it was the younger one, not sure now, who said to a friend, Terrorism is not a big deal where we come from.  We see it every day. 

Or something like that—

So while they assimilated on a superficial social level, their early childhood experiences would continue to influence them.  Since I taught students like Djobar (don’t know the spelling of his name yet!) — young, incredibly bright and aware of what is going on, I cannot but help think of 2 Arab students who were very much like him in appearance and intellect.  They used to sit and draw cartoons about destroying Israel.  But for them it was a joke.  They would share the cartoons and laugh.  I never thought their drawings were dangerous.  And so far, I have proven correct.  But somebody else may have reported them to Homeland Security.

Djohar, on the other hand, may have never revealed his darker side since it would have tipped somebody off.  For example, he was probably careful with his behavior at some point.  The strange thing is how amazed all his “friends” were to discover he was involved in this act of terrorism.  On the surface, he appeared well adjusted.


The family has been forced apart.  Whether this is because of poverty is not clear.  But Djohar looked at his older brother as a father figure.  His actual father was probably not around much and when he was, he was sick.  The mother had become increasingly radicalized — so much so that you wondered about the marriage she had with her husband who was totally Western in appearance. 

It’s important to know what the family dynamics were.  The parents leave the US?  Why?  Is it better where they came from?  How do you leave the country when you still have a dependent who is only 19.  I get the feeling these guys spent a lot of time alone, with each other, without their parents.

We must examine the family. 

Therein we will discover valuable information about what made the Boston Bombers tick.

Boston Marathon Shakes Us Up

Right now I feel secure in my condo which is only, like 10 miles, from the White House, but in a different state.  Pennsylvania Avenue has been blocked.  Security heightened around WH.  Picture of President Obama on the telephone, with an aide by his side.  I am glad I am not in Boston, however.  Where I am, security consciousness is high and we don’t like disasters.  I am NOT interested in driving into DC right now so I can go on a tour of the White House.  That is really low on my list of priorities.  I do, however, want to know the meaning of this attack and the heightened anxiety it has produced.  I’m gonna sit tight, nice and snug in my closet-sized apartment, and hunker down here.

The question is:  Has America been attacked?

The Parthenon Marbles

I became fascinated by this project.  And inspired.  It was as though I had infused wisdom and skill from the warrior goddess, Athena.  I could feel it in the air.  I understood why the ancients worshiped her.  Her attributes were divine.  She was a goddess of war.  But also Justice.  She held the scales in her hands.  And she was passionate.  Those are divine ideas and worthy of worship.  Anyway, it inspired me to do a project on her behalf.  And fight for the Marbles.

This war, however, did not see bloodshed.  Rather it was a war of ideas.  Making it clear that what they were keeping there were stolen artifacts, and demand their return to Athena’s temple, a place of worship, the marble glyphs and statues that were sawed off by Thomas Bruce, 7th Earl of Elgin, in the early 1800s while ambassador of the British Empire while Greece was under Ottoman occupation.  So the British were actually allies — or partners — in this theft.  And Britain proper should admit what they bought from Elgin was stolen artifacts of a country oppressed.  But anyway, he managed to leave Greece and bring back with him almost all the glyphs that surrounded the Parthenon.  One ship even sank.  And they had to go back to extract their loot.

And I said:

Let’s not be coy about this and call it what it is: Cultural Vandalism.  Better yet, let us define the very act through the name of this perpetrator and call it, Elginism.

Let’s not pretend you are doing the world a service by making these artifacts available in your museum.  As though you’re doing civilization a favor.  Your countrymen looted a civilization that was oppressed for over 300 years by the Ottomans.  This was the tail end, for in 1821 the Greeks revolted and fought a revolution that extricated them from their oppressors.  So during these times, you thought you could just get whatever you wanted to, since who cares about those Greeks anyway?  Sensitive guy.  Bruce.

However he was mistaken.  Because the Greeks have always fought to preserve their history regardless of being a favorite stomping ground for invaders.  But the Ottomans were insidious.  Like a disease.  Trying to wipe out their culture.  Women were raped.  People prayed in secret.  And important texts spread by word of mouth.  The Bible, perhaps.  And in the end they survived.  So someone ought a tell the custodian of Stolen Artifacts to do the decent thing and return them to Athena.

She is waiting for them.