Chicago Betty The Many Moods Of A Room

Sanctuaries: The Many Moods of a Room

Sometimes we have to build our own sanctuary, not with our hands, but with our minds, a room we can access whenever life poses excessive challenges, those times when we need a break, a safe refuge. I chose to travel into another age: Vienna, 1783… And into a single, but immense, room, on a Sunday afternoon. […]


Drifting Backwards … To Antiquity … With My Dog

It is not difficult for me to go there alone. It’s a natural place for me to be. But imagine my surprise when this lovely little dog crossed my path, abandoned by a human, and I snatched him up, took him home … Little did I know our tastes would match so splendidly.  It was one […]

Boring American Hybrids Chicago PoEtRypoetics

Nothing Worth Stopping For In Nebraska 

“Or ever what would a bomb look like? Ever thought of that? Like an Iron.  The kind you use to do shirts? Why not?   Why not?  That’s why why not.  Why not.  But that’s what has now happened ever since.  911 Do this, do that, strip, analyzed for the potential you may be a […]


The Planet Report. The what?

Oh, yeah.  They are fucking rocking for the next –  maybe for longer – 7 days.  This is potent Energy that comes directly from the Cosmos. WE are the beneficiaries of its Bounty. That energy is fucking blasting us with all sorts of wake-up calls.  Time is all Relative.  That’s how you can be sitting […]

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The Edge Of LinkedIn: Ron Scubadiver’s Wild Life. An Amazing Photographer!

Scubadiver’s the best! I love his stuff.