Art Harbors

It Could’ve Been The Moon …

But it was only a streetlight. A rainy day followed by glistening streets. Inner Harbor, Baltimore.



When I awoke this past Saturday (in the afternoon) I was certain it was Sunday and no one could persuade me otherwise. It just felt like a Sunday. So for me, it was Sunday. While drinking my coffee, to help bring my senses into some form of alignment, I began to contemplate the possibility that […]


The Temptation

Wow. That’s a tricky one. Okay. So suddenly – not really – out-of-the-blue – but then, who really knows? Is there a larger scheme out there? Several of them, perhaps? Someone bigger and smarter than us? Scribbling on a tablet? Doodling with us? Who knows? Yeah. So there is something going on out there and […]