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The Hypocrite – Symptoms and Detection

The Hypocrite Symptoms and Detection The Hypocrite, unlike the Bureaucrat, who is a master of resistance, sees a fool in every room, and therefore has a lively and energetic mind, and is constantly engaging those around him or her, with constantly developing and evolving strategies, on how to best hide behind his or her duplicity, […]

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HOPE YOU CAN READ THIS! I was SO delighted to be able to access my “CATEGORIES” that I just went wild, picking flowers, here and there, to better flavor the absurdity of this experience. I have been SO deprived on the WordPress iPhone App. My categories only go as far as “Contemporary Psychiatric Practices.”  That’s […]

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Where Are My Ear Buds! Oh.

It was one of those days … When you got too much going on up there, and not enough sense of the world, outside of there, the 3-dimensional one — ‘ya know, the one I’m talking about, this one here — when the wires get crossed — and you start to get lost — when […]

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Images of Language and Incongruity Floating In My Head While Moaning and Groaning About WordPress

This is gonna be short.  And that’s because – Fucking WordPress!!!  What is wrong with you guys. New version is just dandy when it grants you a visit otherwise you’re back doing the old shit again, typing each tag without spellcheck – OMG!  What a chore… And now you’ve fucked up the most important page! […]

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So far, Today …

Thought I’d use the symbolic value of the eye here, so I cropped everything else. It’s such an easy symbol. Who can wrong with the eye? This series is called … Too Fucking Lazy To Tap                Next … Brazilian Blogger, Chris Guerra. Accidentally stumbled on her through Instagram (That’s what I love […]