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“Greece Doesn’t Belong To Just Greeks”

That’s what a Facebook group dedicated to advancing the rights of Albanians living and working in Greece claims.  Hm.  This seems like a prime opportunity to discuss one of the many dire predictions of The China Man about Greece, for he is extremely fond of the Albanians, views them as possessing a strong work ethic, […]

Difficult to Categorize Greek Economic Crises NOTES

The Queen of Stupidity—

That would be me. I keep forgetting my helmet at home! No wonder I get confused.  Tuesday, Wednesday— What difference is there between them?  Without my helmet secured to my head, I am at a disadvantage—  My navigation skills are significantly diminished. Now I know I have mentioned The King of The European Union more […]


The Greek Concept of Time and Space— Revisited!

Introduction When I was searching for directions to Comicdom Con 2010, Athens, I ran the address through Google maps, which showed me a route to the convention.  Then, seeking further clarification, I emailed the organizers of the convention, and Dimitris responded that the directions were indeed accurate, and that once I made a left on […]