Conversations With My Hound … About Brooms, Motorcycles, Witches, And Caffeine 

BARKING How many times have I told you not to bark at Black Motorcycles? How many? BROOMS “Leave the fucking broom alone!  I need it. It’s my …  Transportation.  I’m a witch!” PROCRASTINATION “I know. I know. I’ve got to unpack. I get it. Thank you.” OMG “OMG. The World Fell Asleep! TELL it to […]


Shifting Musical Lyrics To Suit Your Temperment And Imagination 

LOTS of people do it. I do it all the time. Lots of people make fun of it, too. There was a movie where a couple faced this very problem. The guy in the relationship would get so pissed when the woman in the relationship, which was frequently, twisted the lyrics of a song. He would become […]

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I thought I was seeing a shot from the Past. I had 2 things to do before I left and headed to Chicago: My worst Substitue assignment was long term  – ideally.  But I went nuts. I was passing kids who were failing and couldn’t fail and forced them to repay me by making-up a […]

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At The Edge Of LinkedIn … Aquileana



Violent Femmes

I was subbing in an exclusive high school district in the suburbs of Chicago.  It had five schools.  Four of them had received some presidential award for excellence in Education.  I think Regan started that.  So I was always kind of suspicious of that.  Based on what standard?  What did they measure?  I was hungry […]