The Morons

I’d be real curious to know what the morons eat.  Their diet.

Is it healthy at all?  Is it gluttonous at all?  Or are they your McDonald’s types?

I would love to do a study examining the eating habits of the morons.  Do they show any recurrent patterns, for example.  Nature of their health problems?  Are they overweight?  Skinny?  Malnourished (Not!)?  I wanna know what those gun-toting barbarians eat for breakfast.  Ham and Eggs?  Croissants?  Fresh Fruit?

Wanna know what I think?

I think — oops!  I forgot what I think! — I think they’re steak and potatoes kind of people.  Heavy on the lard.  Dangerously, unhealthy.

Anyway, I don’t pay much attention to them.  Their philosophies can be summed up in a line or two.  And their navigational skills definitely belong to another sphere of thought!

And we seldom — if ever — collide.

Halloween Has Arrived! And the glow from the March on Sanity is still strong.

And now that I have recovered from my frantic attempt to post what I shot after my first-time using the Nikon D90, whose shutter apparatus was not working correctly yesterday, I am ready to reminisce.

Yesterday was a glorious day.  Beautiful in every respect, despite media attempts to downplay its significance — “10s of thousands,” 103.5 reported — and I’m going…  What the fuck are they talking about?  More like half a million. So, yeah.  That did nothing to restore my faith in balanced reporting, now a myth in our country.

Apparently, they had reporters at the event, reporting from the event.  Couldn’t they get their estimate nearer to the actual one — because that’s what it’s all about about estimates — they have to be right, in the vicinity, so to speak.

10s of thousands grossly underestimates what was happening on the ground there yesterday.

The place was swarming with principled people, people who usually don’t speak, but when they have something to say, they are concise, clear.

And all of them were smiling!

The posters were fabulous.  So much intelligence in the air!  How refreshing.  Unlike those morons who attempt to show solidarity.  Solidarity, my ass.  They are fragmented and compromised human beings, who best are ignored as much as possible.

And to be honest, for the first time in my life, at one point, when we were nestled on the ground with others, and I saw the couple and child who re-enacted an actual formal, Victorian tea party — well stuff like that was just the icing.

Yummy stuff.

For a change.