CHAOS Journalism

The Advantages Of Being FORCED Into Wakefulness

As you already know, yesterday was all about Time.  This trend picked last night to fully blossom with a true blast from the past. The Perseid Meteorites?  I was prepared for those.  But this? Not a chance. On my way to an evening of Music, Dancing in My Chair, and Jaegermeister (Did I spell THAT […]

March to Restore Sanity Photographs Thinking


Love that t-shirt! WHY BE NORMAL? Good question. We had to wait for an Italian, to straighten out our thinking. We’ve been asking the wrong question and attempting to fit into this place called “normal.” My guess is, it doesn’t exist. And if it does – I mean if people attempt to pass themselves off […]

Cultural Mathematics


I looked up at the darkening sky and wondered about the title above. We had been driving through Ohio forever – that’s how it usually feels, but curiously, not today. We took the scenic route that borders places like Columbus. Earlier we saw a young Amish man, with his horse and wagon. He stood up […]