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For Those Of You – The Kind Ones …

Who come visit me here and see what madness springs forth on any day, I deeply appreciate your support. You are the ones I cannot see but who are there nonetheless. At this time, unfortunately, I am not able to reciprocate as much as I would like to. I tried to organize my subscriptions, to […]

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Up, Up and Away!

Had a really good time with my buddies, George and Sarah, yesterday in Rockville. He’s going to take me to Ocean City so we can just walk along the shoreline. We haven’t managed to work that out yet. We’ve been talking about it for a while, but now he understands it’s urgent to get me […]

Suicide Thinking

Pickle Sandwiches

Still up? Yeah. Everything, ok? Yeah. Let me know if your mood is shifting rapidly. Ok. Just let me know. Okay, I will. Promise? Promise.