Chicago Betty Poetry

In Search of a Title

In Search of a Title  Though you spend years buried, knowing who you are, but unable to be, still there are leaks along the way, both good and bad, glimpses from above, colors so bright, impossible to ignore, even from below.  Then something happens, not through the strength you know you have, but will not […]

Dreams The Subconscious

The Other Eye: The Dream I Had Last Night

An actual dream. THE SETTING CHICAGO As I left the shop, I turned the corner and headed east on Addison Street. It had begun to snow heavily – Lake Effect Snow – and I looked westward to see if there was a bus in sight, but there wasn’t, so I began to walk. I was […]


Weather Report

It’s a beautiful Spring morning.  The temperatures are hovering steadily around 60.  A puff of clouds, very thin, streak the sky.  It’s a beautiful day to be out, right under the sun.  I have the perfect balcony for that.  So I spend the morning absorbing as much sun as possible. The weather for me has […]