The Merry-Go-Round Of Rotten Apples – 6sPlus

December 29, 2015

The divide between corporate and retail is as great or greater than the distance between design and manufacturing of Apple products. This, however, dos not affect profits, which are enormous, while the price of manufacturing is minuscule by comparison. 

I began riding the Apple merry-go-round late yesterday afternoon and I’m still on it now, 18 hrs later, and the only thing that’s changed, is the speed acceleration of Absurdity. 

Well, Betty, you’re not making too much sense,” the senior technical advisor said:

“My explanation for the damaged phone is that I do not know how it happened. I cannot explain it. So why does that not make sense?”

But the world we live in when we commit to the purchase and responsibilities associated with APPLE products is ruled by Empiricism – if you cannot explain it, the experience is not valid. Hm. What about God? Can you explain God? According to the laws of Empiricism, you cannot, thus God does not exist, right?

December 30, 2015


Totally not true. 
Apple needs to get its ass whipped in court for false advertising. 

Butterfly-Strength is a more accurate description. 

I paid cash for the 6sPlus. 

$1000 …

Less than 2 months ago. 

And I had a freak accident the other day, and the glass at the bottom of the phone has a deep fracture. 

Now when I say it was a “freak” accident, I mean it was REALLY freaky, since I have NO idea how it happened. If you were to see it, you would surely say, “Damn. How did that happen?” You would associate a specific incident, heard and/or saw it drop, bulldozed. However, there was no such experience, and that is why I call it a “Freak Accident.” Doesn’t add up to a logical explanation. 

But try telling Apple that, and they will insult you by telling you that YOU are NOT making sense. But how is it that when you cannot explain what happened but something seriously happened and then communicating that information nonsensical?

Or, anymore nonsensical that the belief in God?   Prove God exists. 

I had the 5sPlus, and I cannot tell you how many times I dropped that phone – on its face – and NOTHING happened. 
But this experience has been appalling. 

And I’m thinking Insurance companies have a clause that they honor but which is inexplicable, and thereby deemed “An Act of God.” 

But the only God Apple seems to worship is the God of Greed

And just like this product, APPLE will not bend. 

Add to that a workforce riddled and confused – essentially, a joke.

They have devolved and their knowledge base is far from symmetrical. It’s random and confusing and thus unreliable. I used to laugh at the GENIUS BAR – How arrogant to presume and use this label for a bunch of technological geeks. 

At this stage, however, I would classify them as “Severely Learning Disabled.”

Depending on when and who you encounter when you go in the store, versions vary and so do policies. Some managers are militant about ensuring you have a miserable customer experience, as I experienced today. On Monday another manager said she would swap it for the fee of the replacement glass of $129. I had to think about it. So today, after I had thought about it, I decided to accept that offer. However, today, another manager refused to honor that. 

“I will NOT give you a phone for the price. I’m telling you that now. You will have to pay $350 for a replacement phone.”

However, she was not able to “explain” the discrepancy between the two offers, and that was my criteria for the LD Label. 

Thus, this phone, which is inferior in terms of durability, will cost me a total of $1400 and immeasurable grief. 
I am disgusted with Apple. 

And, its credibility rating has sunk, as far as I am concerned. Any company that refuses to stand behind their products sends up red flags everywhere. 

Any decent supplier of high end products would never behave towards a consumer in this manner.

You see, the problem now is we have an MBA from Purdue at the helm of Apple. Generally, MBAs are not noted for their Creativity, are they, now?  

It’s all about money. 

Which leads me to conclude:

The ship sunk when Steve Jobs died. 


First of all I have to say I love Macs.  I know it’s a detour.  But they are wonderful machines.  I am sitting outside on a beautiful night in October, and my keyboard is lit up so perfectly, that I can type with ease.  You can be sure Apple will NOT be the same now that Steve Jobs is longer there.  He was Apple.

It’s a difficult exercise to try and explain how we feel.  I just know there are times when stress levels are high, and we have things we need to do, and we push to get those things done, then we crash into lethargy.  But I am really enjoying where I am right now.  Right now I am in a I just wanna feel good mood, and it’s wonderful.  I wish I had gotten there earlier.  But that’s what happens when you are a slow learner.  And that’s why I’m still stuck in Adolescence.  I haven’t been able to shed that experience, which revolved around my mother dying.

The ironic story, of course, is when my doctor couldn’t explain why I hadn’t conceived and according to the standards he followed, after a year, you were technically infertile.  Around that time I had a psychological intervention with a Residential psychiatrist, a woman, Peggy Loomis.  We meshed well and explored deep psychological problems — about how I felt about myself, as a woman.  And I discovered I had suppressed my burst into Adolescence because my mother was dying.  Once I could let go of that I started feeling feminine.  And within a couple of months, I was pregnant!  So never underestimate the power of psychology on our feelings and behavior — our perceptions of ourselves are often conflicted, mainly because our moods are so disruptive to what would ordinarily be a normal day.  I have been asking the same question for years:  What is normal?

I don’t know what this has to do with coping, but I guess what I wanted to say is what I just said.

One last thing.

It is very difficult to explain these diseases to people who have not been subjected to them.  And as much as we try, we haven’t really found a good way to describe them.  If you’ve noticed, I’ve always put “mental illness” in quotes.  That phrase reeks of stigma.  I can’t think of a worse way to describe it.  We really need to develop some language that de-stigmatizes these illnesses.

Notes: “The Greek Concept of Time and Space—Revisited!” Formats From Hell…

As if I have all the time in the world!

I do not.

I have self-imposed deadlines, and my ideas are queued, impatient and whiny and demanding they be developed!  I must accommodate.  What more can I say?

But does WordPress care?  No way!  For if they did, why would they provide formatting straight from Hell?

It was an accidental slip of the finger.  I realized I needed to italicize something, and make use of those big, ugly gray quotes they provide, scatter the spacing of my sentences as I wanted them to be, and not according to rigid formats—you know, add some stylistic touches—and still maintain the moral authority of being a technical dummy.

It’s all your fault, Steve Jobs!  You have spoiled us all—  With magnificent tools.

But before you could whisper FUCK! the entire formatting collapsed, and photos went places where I never imagined them to go, and captions disappeared, and entire paragraphs were compressed into captions, and new spaces grew out of nowhere—the page shook, I tell you!—and frankly, I don’t need this kind of shit in my life!

But such is the price of being an artist—usually poor, and begging for hand-outs, like this here, WordPress—taking what is offered and keeping your mouth shut!

Thus I was forced to scramble and rearrange my content (luckily I had backed it up!) and pitch the monstrosity I stumbled upon into the garbage, and post it as, “…Revisited!”