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Ok…  WordPress Stats. Another Zinger!

before I get into that, however, a much simpler question: What happened here? Where did the opening cap of a sentence go?  It was never a problem before. But I guess the update is stingy about giving you caps at the start of a post? Plus the margins are all over the place! They’ve gone […]


Here we go, again! The EU is looking at me. 

It is referred to as a Nation, but we all know it’s not. But it’s back!  The EU graced my page today. And what article do you think interested it?  Bipolarian Characteristics.      

Bipolar Disorder Chaos of WordPress Difficult to Categorize Edgar Allen Poe Incongruity Other Planets Statistics Technology The Brain Tragic Heroines Urban Thinking WordPress Thoughts...

Odd Statistics: The European Union – What the Fuck?

I’m on a roll. But I’m also prepared! EUROPEAN UNION, Baltimore. European UNION, BALTIMORE. European …

Arithmetic Communication Irony Riddles Statistics Subtraction The Many Moods Of A Room Urban Thinking WordPress. The. Good and the Bad

My Favorite Type Of WordPress Statistics

However, is the one below:

Chaos of WordPress Riddles Statistics WordPress. The. Good and the Bad

WordPress Statistics

Are simply irresistible!