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The Day The Train Left WordPress

This is my final departure post on WordPress… “The Sequence” Moving away from WordPress and towards the Sun It was over a year ago I witnessed an alarming signal from WordPress. It didn’t affect me personally and it did. Someone from another WordPress site had “liked” a piece I had written, and curious about that […]

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Bananas Looking for Jobs in The Age of The Internet and the Rapid Depersonalization (unless it's Kickstarter, of course) and the Basic Anonymity We've Become Accustomed to. OR, HOW I SPENT MY DAY TODAY. SHOW 'n TELL EDITION 

I often wonder how crazy I am. I really would like to know. But I wait. Since smart folks never dare me to argue with them. take me in as as opponent in an argument – any argument. They are doomed to lose from the start. They know that. The smart ones do.  But I would love it […]


Crashing Into Another Blog

Total accident.  I rarely have the time to document my thoughts, let alone, catch up on many other fine Artists, Poets, Bards, or, genuine something – (lets just stick to the theme of being different, for now and realizing that at at early age. The world looks very different to you.) Well, it was exactly like skipping […]

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Fucking Around With Spellcheck

I fucking hate that application. It’s so ducking stupid. It feels that with each upgrade, it’s gotten, not only dumber, but more absurd. So I’m gonna fuck around with it today, and let it show itself off. The Internet Will Be Our Diom. We are getting dumber and dumber. That’s really why robots will succeed […]

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LinkedIn: Tight Spaces

AS THEY APPEARED ON LINKEDIN “Two Things – Linkedin (I guess I only have 43 characters! Actually the number keeps changing – LinkedIn, that needs some work. Now I have 144. Run with it.) First, I really feel uncomfortable giving apps permission to access my address book. Since there are several in my book who […]