The Day The Train Left WordPress

This is my final departure post on WordPress…

“The Sequence”

Moving away from WordPress and towards the Sun

It was over a year ago I witnessed an alarming signal from WordPress. It didn’t affect me personally and it did. Someone from another WordPress site had “liked” a piece I had written, and curious about that site, because it had the word publishing as part of its name, I decided to saunter over there, to learn more about that site.

When I clicked on the link, the message I saw was disturbing. The site had been deactivated by WordPress. But why? Gradually,  I came to realize  I had less control over my content than I thought I had.

When I addressed this issue with WordPress over Twitter they downplayed it. But I was not satisfied with their response and I expressed my concern to the team on Twitter.

Anyway, it’s taken close to a year to migrate my content here and into my own .com site. I will provide (at some point) a more thorough comprehensive article about that fine line between ownership, copyright, and ultimately, censorship. But for now, I am just interested in dancing with words

So if you’re still interested in reading what I am writing, what I am painting, what I am photographing, what I have written, get on the train and head over to this station:

For some reason, Google, for now, is showing the wrong url, which opens a page that designates the site as not secure. This is an error based on a single by highly important letter in the url. The correct url is provided above: “https” not “http” That’s the significant letter.

This is not an end but a journey into another chapter.”

And, of course, the next piece will be about the fine print behind Internet giants — at least some of them. It would be a monumental task to research the fine print of all of them, but when you do read the fine print, you discover you are agreeing to their terms, not yours, and this can unwittingly put you at a disadvantage. But I will probably spend more time discussing how to get free from the noose of WordPress’s stylistic dominance on formatting, which is almost virtually impossible. 

Slight detour —

Bananas Looking for Jobs in The Age of The Internet and the Rapid Depersonalization (unless it's Kickstarter, of course) and the Basic Anonymity We've Become Accustomed to. OR, HOW I SPENT MY DAY TODAY. SHOW 'n TELL EDITION 

I often wonder how crazy I am. I really would like to know. But I wait. Since smart folks never dare me to argue with them. take me in as as opponent in an argument – any argument. They are doomed to lose from the start. They know that. The smart ones do. 
But I would love it if someone could design me A Crazy Meter so I can weigh what’s up there, once in a while. 
So here goes show ‘n tell. 
(As usual, I can’t keep my mouth shut.)
FIRST, I’ve crept back onto the Guardian comments where I was very vocal and frequently censored and eventually they shelved my profile. However, even though that is the material I want to access, I cannot, because of some screwy behavior on their part with emails. When I first started writing there as vasiliki53 I was extremely diplomatic and responsible. Sensible. But then one day I opened another profile the one I have everywhere else and i went ballistic. I was so sharp – But anyway, because I am so lazy about figuring stupid problems out (waste of tai me, isn’t it?) y However a few people told me a couple of my comments were brilliant – hahaha – it’s the British sense of humor (must’ve been British in the time of Charlemagne? RIGHT.
ITS been one those days, as we often say.  Meow. Meow. 
My first comment back was in response to Gov of Virginia – terry – who would have to decide that day on whether to reinstate the use of the ELECTRIC CHAIR …
And I said:
I have a theory (about that). 
However, not, but in another piece which may possibly be more sensible at that time. But I will explore that. 
(Here’s a  hint.)
It has to do with Modern Psychiatry.  
More than one personality thing?
That one. Yeah. 
My story, of course, has a twist

Crashing Into Another Blog

Total accident. 
I rarely have the time to document my thoughts, let alone, catch up on many other fine Artists, Poets, Bards, or, genuine something – (lets just stick to the theme of being different, for now and realizing that at at early age. The world looks very different to you.)

Well, it was exactly like skipping down the rabbit hole. In fact, as soon as I got back from an unsatisfactory and overpriced fast food – worse than Chipotle’s – the kind of place  that’d make you think..  “Let’s get the fuck out of here. We’ll starve, if we eat here. Let’s go to Chipotle’s … Only to discover that this place  is the Brain Child AND actual offspring of Chipotle’s. 

Herb Salad = Cilantro and Basil
So that’s what YOU guys call a salad, huh?

“Yes, we do,” the ones who will inherit what’s left of the PLANET, our World – the lucky ones. 

Anyway, after words, when I drove back to the house, I was thinking about the Alice – it kept growing roots on my head – the name, Alice – and I kept thinking that was my real name. Not that I was Alice (well, maybe a little bit) but that would represent a better translation of my Mediterranean name, which is Vasiliki, In English, and, Βασιληκη, in Greek. Betty is nowhere near the right direction. It’s like a curve ball, or something. 

Let’s break it down finally – once and for all of those who destroyed it, mostly Americans, whenever you attempted to utter it. 
Whenever you tried to say it, I would scrunch up and blow straight back to BETTY in a flash. 

First of all, the letters are familiar letters of many other languages, right?


a, l, i, k, i


(Is it finally starting to sink in?)
IN GREEK, the k is a hard “k.”
In English, it’s a soft “c”

The i and the e are pronounced the same way – like an e. 

Peters actually pulled from the corresponding name. 

So where the FUCK did Betty come from?
I’m cool though. 
I’m not much of a materialist. 

And then. 
AT SOME POINT TODAY, I landed on someone’s blog, and they surely must’ve thought:  “THIS woman is FUCKING CRAZY!”

Fucking Around With Spellcheck

I fucking hate that application. It’s so ducking stupid. It feels that with each upgrade, it’s gotten, not only dumber, but more absurd. So I’m gonna fuck around with it today, and let it show itself off. The Internet Will Be Our Diom. We are getting dumber and dumber. That’s really why robots will succeed us. We’re too fucking lazy as a species. So let’s see if you can figure out which is which. Is it Soellcheck or spellcheck not doing its job correctly?