Chicago Betty

In The Hallway of Paradise: Variations

I have read amazing stories about people who have inexplicable and mysterious experiences, but difficult to prove. Below is a common story, perhaps even a myth, but that does not diminish its value—rather it invites speculation. A woman gets in her car, but remembers something she needs in the trunk. She forgets to pull the […]

Bipolar II Depression Difficult to Categorize ECT Recovery

Squinting at the Sun

People think I am smiling at the sun. But I am not. It is because I am not used to being the sun. I have no idea why I grin when I am straining to see ahead – like where am I headed, for example. That ought to scare me. But it doesn’t. Instead I […]


Boston Marathon Shakes Us Up

Right now I feel secure in my condo which is only, like 10 miles, from the White House, but in a different state.  Pennsylvania Avenue has been blocked.  Security heightened around WH.  Picture of President Obama on the telephone, with an aide by his side.  I am glad I am not in Boston, however.  Where […]