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The Abysmal Truth About Rockville

You can get from here to Rockville in 45 minutes. Straight down I-95 South. In other words … Not far. So do you ever hear of Dylan making a run to Rockville when he’s playing Baltimore? Or anyone else for that matter?

Difficult to Categorize Human Behavior

Unfathomable Human Behavior

This is gonna be a long list. I can just feel it. But I thought I might as well begin now with the one thing that has puzzled me, for it seems to defy both Logic and Intuition, and I have no idea where to put it! DRIVING There are two left turn lanes. In […]

Exotic Foods Laughing At The World Mental Health Mental Health Conditions Urban Thinking

Up, Up and Away!

Had a really good time with my buddies, George and Sarah, yesterday in Rockville. He’s going to take me to Ocean City so we can just walk along the shoreline. We haven’t managed to work that out yet. We’ve been talking about it for a while, but now he understands it’s urgent to get me […]


What Makes Maryland Boring?

I suppose I am being unfair.  I define Maryland on narrow terms — Rockville Pike.  Rockville, Maryland.  Maryland, of course, is 3 hours from the Atlantic, which is where Marylanders flock to in the summer.  And then they go back to their diverse ways of living — rich, of course —in what many people around […]