I Did It!  I made a Resume. Finally. Took me decades …

I was never comfortable with traditional matter, especially, Resumes. I resisted for years, while stubbornly insisting there had to be something more to it, than pages of innocuous typeface. I could not conform to that template.  Didn’t fit me.  Had to satisfy my Artistic sensibilities … Hadn’t figured it out, yet.  Solved the problem.  And, […]

Accidents Laughing At The World Darkly


Are so annoying. I’ve struggled with that rigid concept of putting yourself on the page in detail in four paragraphs.  It’s revolting.  Have no other way of putting it.  But I finally solved the problem.  Alas.  Resume • I bring a lot to the table.  • Cannot out-argue me. Doesn’t mean it’s bad. It’s just […]

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And Then … There’s Me. A Work In Progress. Resume. Pages Two And Three


My Resume