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Beyond Physics

This Buddha is made of pewter. I have had him for decades. I found him (or should I say he found me?) in Chicago where I was born and lived until I moved to Maryland in 2005. He is always with me. He has gone wherever I have gone. And I have traveled to many […]

Chicago Betty

A Woman In Line

JOKES A Woman In Line To get an audience with the tax collectors in Athens, you have to get in line, as early as 5AM, to get a piece of paper with a number – your personal number – penciled on it. It’s the line for the hottest show in Athens, where citizens who provide […]

Chicago Betty Fiction

The Human Imposter (Revision)

The Human Imposter One day I discovered that where our tails had once been, scales now began to appear and develop. The rest of my flesh was still intact, but for how long? While most prefer to think in terms of evolution, I was forced to consider an alternative to orthodox doctrines – de-evolution. Could […]


Donkey Express


The Picture I Didn't Take

Time is a morass of confusion for me, essentially. I keep (attempt to) track of it with tremendous difficulty.  Sometimes, it works to my advantage, especially, when I think today is already tomorrow, but it’s not. I can make huge gains during those lapses.  So.  Today began with the usual confusion. I woke up and thought […]