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A Rash of Random Photographs That For Some Reason I Haven’t Shared Here – Baltimore, April 2015 …

TODAY    CAMERA OPERATOR, NORTH AND PENNSYLVANIA AVENUES, APRIL, 2015, BALTIMORE     THOMAS ROBERTS, MSNBC JOURNALIST AND GAY ACTIVIST    STILL TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHAT COLOR EYES I HAVE DURING TENSIONS IN BALTIMORE. NO one can ever accuse me of NOT being versatile, especially in times of crisis!  Very difficult to photograph your eyes.       […]

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Precious, Buttons, Button-Eyes, Ms Precious Button-Eyes, Lost and Found on Streets of Baltimore, Hot Spots

This morning I awoke to a heavenly dream when my roommate knocked on my door, and I had to get out of bed, because she wouldn’t stop knocking.  I reluctantly stepped into the hallway and headed for the kitchen, where my roommate stood with this precious creature.  I fell in love with her instantly. And […]

Freedom of Expression

Je Suis Charlie!

For the past 5 years, I have used a photo I took of the Martin Luther King statue in DC as my screen cover for my iPhone. Tonight, I’m changing it. Read that Tim Cook approved the app within an hour of receiving it from the developers via email. Impressive!

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Commenting on Comments

Probably one of my most concise, rapid and brief responses to another commenter on The Guardian website regarding the hunger strike of a Greek activist (I’m not judging right and wrong here, mind you.) It just fell from my lips. To those who try to isolate the intellectuals of Exarchia as some sort of deviant […]