Chicago Betty

"State Mandated Migraines"

The following piece was sent to the Governor of Maryland, and other key figures who manage Medicaid, including a Congressional Representative – since the money does come from the Federal Government.  Those here who are familiar with my writing know the temptation to satirize is embedded deeply in my soul, and difficult to resist, as demonstrated […]

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Edgar Allen Poe in Baltimore

I’ve been here since late August of last year, and only now am I able to explore the amazing city of Baltimore. Yesterday, while driving, I spotted the sign for Poe’s Baltimore living quarters and I had to see it. I fed my Google navigator the address and headed there. “You have reached your destination.” […]

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Christmas Dinner: Food For Thought

While I was wielding my sword and furiously slashing words, left and right, among people reacting (me being the prime reactor) to a post by a college student in Colorado about the essence of Christ, the philosophy behind him, I left in utter disgust. Then yesterday I received a notification of another comment that had […]

Social Perspectives

PERSPECTIVE: At The Bottom Of The Safety Net … Maryland Social Services

This is one of those posts that disappeared. I’ve talked about this before. After I had finished it, pressed Publish, it saved a blank page titled Auto Draft. I found it on the RSS feed, however, but was not able to retrieve it. Luckily, as I already had a copy of the contents, I was […]


Where Are The Parents of The Boston Bombers?

That’s a question a lot have been asking: WHERE ARE THE PARENTS But the relationship the Boston Bombers had with their parents is not one we understand well here in America where poverty and war has not forced our family members apart. I thought it was really strange too. For example, if something like that […]