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Polish Tomatoes And Plato

Cosmic Poetry

"I'm a Writer, I tell you."

“Look. I have no idea what day or date it is. In fact, those two give me a lot of trouble, I tell you. Date and Day.  Ok. One of them has to do with numbers. That’s the only thing I can ever recall about them. But which one?  Well, that’s always a toss up for me. […]

Dreams The Subconscious

The Other Eye: The Dream I Had Last Night

An actual dream. THE SETTING CHICAGO As I left the shop, I turned the corner and headed east on Addison Street. It had begun to snow heavily – Lake Effect Snow – and I looked westward to see if there was a bus in sight, but there wasn’t, so I began to walk. I was […]


The Latest Disorganization Beckons

I really have no idea what I’m going to talk about.  I have been going through ideas all morning, trying to determine which one to choose, and I can’t seem to get plugged into any of them!  A bit frustrating. Let’s see… I could talk about the weather. It’s cloudy today and supposed to hit […]