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Beyond Physics

This Buddha is made of pewter. I have had him for decades. I found him (or should I say he found me?) in Chicago where I was born and lived until I moved to Maryland in 2005. He is always with me. He has gone wherever I have gone. And I have traveled to many […]

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Other Senses, Other Places

I’ve often poked at my obsession, passion for music, and stated that my tolerance for listening to a piece of music – whether it be a song or an opera, Mozart, Beethoven, or Bach – frequently clashes with those who are around me. Even though they make like the same piece, their saturation level is breached […]

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It’s in my blood. I know it. However, the interesting thing about Irony is that it can be accidental instead of intentional. That’s what I discovered yesterday while clicking shots with my iPhone. Yesterday was a splendid day – if you love the adventure of a snowstorm. And I do. That was not gonna stop […]

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The Arithmetic of Dreams: Add It Up

I have often wondered how the subconscious influences our consciousness. And a question in search of an answer is: What is the Subconscious? We can speculate endlessly about its connection to Consciousness, but it is somewhat difficult to actually go there and form a mathematical equation, for example, of its properties. We just know it’s […]