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Photograph of What “Accidental Letter” Should But Doesn’t Look Like Looks Like and Makes Artists and Writers Go Mad.

Letter Once made comment when in early stage of corresponding about reaching a certain destinations.  Friends have been pushing me over past 3 decades to write a book. And my response has always been the same: “About what?”  But they persisted.  They wouldn’t budge. Eventually, those reflections transitioned into a mantra—the invisible tattoo on my […]

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A Rash of Random Photographs That For Some Reason I Haven’t Shared Here – Baltimore, April 2015 …

TODAY    CAMERA OPERATOR, NORTH AND PENNSYLVANIA AVENUES, APRIL, 2015, BALTIMORE     THOMAS ROBERTS, MSNBC JOURNALIST AND GAY ACTIVIST    STILL TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHAT COLOR EYES I HAVE DURING TENSIONS IN BALTIMORE. NO one can ever accuse me of NOT being versatile, especially in times of crisis!  Very difficult to photograph your eyes.       […]

The Day My Mother Died ...

Actually Sixteen

Less than a week after my mother’s death, a friend of mine, Linda, whose father was British and mother, Irish – Catholic – stayed with me and documented the aftermath of death. Just found this while opening doors to the past.


Profiles: Sweet Sixteen – Forty Years Later

I don’t often attempt to analyze my art work, mostly because I suck at analysis. However, I recently found this photograph of myself when in high school and when my friend and I roamed freely around the art studio there, having access to a 4 x 5 camera, among other goodies. (CLARIFICATION: I have a […]

Art Short Stories

The Artist’s Den

The Floor Where I paint and make things. The Garden The Unmade Bed The Desk The Garden Center The Garbage and Recycling Center and The Broom Without a Handle The Music Center The Closet The Table Next To The Unmade Bed The Window Protection Against The Elements The Foundation Where everything begins … THE END