Early 20th Century Photography

Portrait Of A Young Man (Photography)

Early 20thc, somewhere in the 1930s, here is a photograph of my father as a young man, living in Athens.  (It still has dust on it! But I’ll get to that part later.) Folios William Barkas …  Athens, Greece

Worst Jobs

The Worst Job I Ever Had

Well, I wasn’t actually getting paid for it – Thank, God! It was a required volunteer position at the Cooperative Preschool in our Development, which, except for the teacher, was run by Volunteers. Well, that didn’t always mean we were well-matched to our jobs. (I wore several hats. We all did.) Anyway – I handled […]


Where Are The Parents of The Boston Bombers?

That’s a question a lot have been asking: WHERE ARE THE PARENTS But the relationship the Boston Bombers had with their parents is not one we understand well here in America where poverty and war has not forced our family members apart. I thought it was really strange too. For example, if something like that […]