The Day My Mother Died ...

Actually Sixteen

Less than a week after my mother’s death, a friend of mine, Linda, whose father was British and mother, Irish – Catholic – stayed with me and documented the aftermath of death. Just found this while opening doors to the past.


Profiles: Sweet Sixteen – Forty Years Later

I don’t often attempt to analyze my art work, mostly because I suck at analysis. However, I recently found this photograph of myself when in high school and when my friend and I roamed freely around the art studio there, having access to a 4 x 5 camera, among other goodies. (CLARIFICATION: I have a […]

Bipolar II Fiction Poetry

Sounds and Sights on a Saturday Morning

Literature is a step above Fiction – Even though Fiction is part of Literature. I was thinking about tags right before I started writing … Right. A toddler playing with not one, but 2! balls, this morning. How clever! And then I heard the toddler laugh for at least 20 minutes while the parents played […]