Chicago Betty MUSIC

Music for the Soul to Dance to

When I first awaken, I head to my tiny kitchen and fill my French Press with coffee and boiling water. I press beyond the water level, and although the instructions say to leave it there for 5 minutes before you press it to the bottom of cylinder, I rarely make it to the 5 minute […]

Chicago Betty

Morning Ritual

Morning Ritual In the damp winter months by the sea where you are comforted by rain I awaken well before dawn usually chilled by the air – insulated as much as possible by shirts and undershirts and sweaters under a robe – and crank-up the heat. My mind slowly drifts from puzzling dreams vaguely remembered […]

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Tiny Mysteries

When I awoke this morning, shortly afterwards, I discovered my tank top and my sort-of-sweatshirt-nightshirt were on backwards. But that was not the case when I went to sleep.