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  Piano Composition by Hood & Gudgalis (1984) Musical Influences: Vivaldi, Bach, Beethoven  Art by BB Hood   One day, many years ago, not long before I would give birth to my first child, and then my second, I waited for the man I would later marry, who was editing a film at a studio […]

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Nudge I nudge my cardiovascular system by extending my daily journey from the Dark Kitchen Room to The Light Room Of Many Windows and the kitchen and the light room of many windows and…the… It sure is bright in there. There’s a world of difference between them. Both serve a purpose. But really. Who would […]

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Morning Prayer – Reasoning with God (VISUAL VERSION)

Chicago Betty

Untitled (Watercolor, 2018)

Untitled, 2018

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Dark Eyes, Dark Soul (Watercolor, 2018)

Dark Eyes, Dark Soul