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A Woman In Line

JOKES A Woman In Line To get an audience with the tax collectors in Athens, you have to get in line, as early as 5AM, to get a piece of paper with a number – your personal number – penciled on it. It’s the line for the hottest show in Athens, where citizens who provide […]


"Did you say OVER 100 dogs? Are you kidding me?" ("Drunk," p.3)

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Commenting on Comments

Probably one of my most concise, rapid and brief responses to another commenter on The Guardian website regarding the hunger strike of a Greek activist (I’m not judging right and wrong here, mind you.) It just fell from my lips. To those who try to isolate the intellectuals of Exarchia as some sort of deviant […]


What in the world is Germany doing to Greece?

Let’s see.  What have I compared her to in the past?  I must go through my index and find the other pieces about her.  But she looks so matronly, right?  Angela. Like a loving grandmother.  Wouldn’t hurt a flea. Angela.  I see her as someone who is passing out lollipops at a prestigious school.  Who […]

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“Greece Doesn’t Belong To Just Greeks”

That’s what a Facebook group dedicated to advancing the rights of Albanians living and working in Greece claims.  Hm.  This seems like a prime opportunity to discuss one of the many dire predictions of The China Man about Greece, for he is extremely fond of the Albanians, views them as possessing a strong work ethic, […]