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Why Are Suicidal People Handcuffed By Police? Do they really think they have the energy to become violent? So why are we treated like criminals when we’ve done nothing “wrong?”

Look what popped up on my radar yesterday! It’s been an extremely busy week, with all kinds of Advocacy communications initiated by me, which appear to have rumbled the Earth below us, and rattled a few nerves, and, produced some incredibly bizarre behavior on the part of those responsible for managing and dispensing Mental Health […]

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DOJ ADA Complaint

Apparently, this was never filed. I thought I had filed it, but while searching earlier, I realized I had no confirmation of receipt from the DOJ.  Excuse the formatting. The Complaint Form has a specific allowance for characters (which may be why they never received it, since I used paragraphs, which exceeded the limit.) So […]

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Sometimes It’s Just A Leonardo DiCaprio Kind Of Day: The Aviator

Accidents!  Hahaha. Have no idea how it happened, but this piece posted – just the title!  So here I am. Back and ready for take-off.   Forget Silver Linings Playbook.  I know people raved about that film, but it didn’t do much for me. The depiction of two people, both with a diagnosed psychiatric disorder, […]

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Suicidal? Sheppard Pratt may be your cup of tea. 

Go there and come out stark raving mad? Hm.  Tough choice.  Sheppard Pratt Asylum Is designed as a Critical CARE Psychiatric Stabilization facility for those who struggle with medical conditions such as Bipolar Disorder (like myself) or any other psychiatric “diagnosis.” It has an impressive and illustrious history as an innovative facility when it was […]

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Fried Brains For Breakfast. OOPS!

Also know as … ECT OOPS. WRONG YEAR!