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Expressing How I Feel About LinkedIn (Take 2)

Lately, I’ve been shooting a lot of Bands, playing here on the East Coast, and experimenting with the Special Effects Features of the 6sPlus, and having lots fun with that, but none of those photos have been posted here, yet. Instead, I chose to go back in time much farther, and rework my favorite trilogy […]

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Lots of singing, anyway.  Heavy-Duty Gospel. Across the street. BALTIMORE. August 2015. Will post better on Twitter than here. Didn’t realize that was crap too! Whatever you wanna call it, LinkedIn. It just doesn’t work and is annoying. So, PLEASE fix it. Thank you.    

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Who are the Mad Ones and Who Determines Who the Mad Ones Are?

If you’ve ever voiced dissent or opposition or questioned the status quo, you are a likely candidate to acquire the title of The Mad One.  Questions, which should encourage even more questions and growth – that’s what they say, anyway – are often met with what appears disdain when the Bona Fide Academics talk.   But […]

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THE LATEST – From LinkedIn

Obviously, this one didn’t garner much of a response. However, nothing I ever post garners a response. So who knows? Maybe there are people on LinkedIn who are dying to take the test? The video is fantastic. This psychologist hits the nail on the head! Leaders and Psychopaths have a lot in common. People should […]


The Shit I Do On LinkedIn