Love Post

Love this picture so much, decided to put it up again, because I enjoy looking at it so much. It’s full of innocence and love – unlike the downward trajectory most take after that. Just full of Love. How refreshing in these times of Trumpism and other crazy global leaders? So I’m just gonna keep […]

Chicago Betty Photo Journalism

When Kids And Dogs Collide

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The Sad Truth About Having Kids

They hate you. They want you to go away. No way. (On Christmas.) So along the way … You adopt orphans. Who love you the way your kids never will. The sad truth. Better than nothing.


Boston Marathon Bombers

This may be a guy who is legally responsible for his acts but by outward appearance, appears angelic-faced.  I just cannot reconcile the picture of this boy being involved in a conspiracy —  He’s clearly just a kid in so many other ways.  It’s as though you take this malleable, impressionable and highly intelligent kid, […]