Cucumber Man

Cucumber Man Started The War – He did. He really did. 

There’s a life span limit to Support Groups, my psychiatrist later told me, after a psychologically brutal and robust fucking around with your head going on at that time. Everybody in the Circle’s Head was being fucked around with then. Between a Borderline Chic, another who claimed he was Bipolar, but he was far scarier than […]

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Another Round Of WordPress Statistics: OCD? BIPOLAR? MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES? Who knows!

Here we go again. The Art of Numbers. Their interpretation. When I awoke early in anticipation and excitement about the Winter Storm headed our way, I instinctively came here, as well, to see what other surprises awaited. And sure enough, it was a huge surprise! An Arithmetic problem. And I think I’ve mentioned before, my […]


Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 3 in C Minor, Op. 37

(HOW IT ALL BEGAN)  Just realized this morning that I’ve been 3 hours off all week!  Instead of setting my watch forward, I set it one hour back, but I based that on the clock in my car, which was already one hour ahead, as I had never changed it this past Spring – or […]