Chicago Betty

The Idealist

I should’ve known. I should’ve known once I graduated college, with a degree in English Literature and a minor in Classics, the world of today had nothing to offer me – in terms of employment.  Not that there weren’t jobs that I could do that held my interest, but I never got hired. Instead, these people would […]


I Did It!  I made a Resume. Finally. Took me decades …

I was never comfortable with traditional matter, especially, Resumes. I resisted for years, while stubbornly insisting there had to be something more to it, than pages of innocuous typeface. I could not conform to that template.  Didn’t fit me.  Had to satisfy my Artistic sensibilities … Hadn’t figured it out, yet.  Solved the problem.  And, […]

Cultural Mathematics Journalism

The Gods Must REALLY Love Me!

Have you ever tried having a rational conversation with an irrational person more than once? Is it difficult to listen to a radio because every time you go near it static ensues? Do you have any allergies?  Are you crazy about Beethoven? Have you ever never purchased a mirror and then decided after 5 decades […]