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There is Hope … However … When You’re Sick as a Dog

Waiting for my Beamer!   

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The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

I see it!

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Christmas Dinner: Food For Thought

While I was wielding my sword and furiously slashing words, left and right, among people reacting (me being the prime reactor) to a post by a college student in Colorado about the essence of Christ, the philosophy behind him, I left in utter disgust. Then yesterday I received a notification of another comment that had […]

Difficult to Categorize


I don’t usually do this because it seldom occurs to me that anything is wrong with how I’m feeling. I only know that I’m feeling it. I guess having no control over the feeling would make it an obsession. But this morning I woke up and suddenly thought: It’s gone. I’m over it!. My god! […]