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Lynched #metoo moment

(NOTE: I keep revisiting this case because I think it’s important to alert authorities of improper conduct toward other human beings – whether it be sexual or psychological – and it still has not been addressed by those whose responsibility it is to investigate such matters. Thus, it is still unresolved.) I’m having a #metoo […]

Chicago Betty

"State Mandated Migraines"

The following piece was sent to the Governor of Maryland, and other key figures who manage Medicaid, including a Congressional Representative – since the money does come from the Federal Government.  Those here who are familiar with my writing know the temptation to satirize is embedded deeply in my soul, and difficult to resist, as demonstrated […]

Bipolar II

The Poverty Gourmet Cooking Show. We'll Show 'Em. (DRAFT)

(CONCEPT) Design a simple web page on how to effectively use your Public Healthcare – without first dying.  (TRANSITIONS) You’re at the Finish Line, you’re almost there, and this is where you ended up?  FUCK THAT.  However, we can use our wits to outwit them, it seems, as demonstrated in a recent and accidental experiment.  But I am […]


THE STATE OF THE NATION How Absurd Is Our Medical System?  See For Yourself. What Does This Tell You? Who Runs This COUNTRY?  Well, For Starters, SHEIKH ZAYED TOWER – JOHNS HOPKINS LOVES HIM! The Price of a Migraine. 

I was dragged out of my car this afternoon, after sitting in it for 3 hours, collapsed, and brought to HOPKINS, which could not explain what had happened to me, yet deemed me FIT TO LEAVE, and filled release forms, filled with LIES.  JUST read the shit that comes out of their mouths. And these […]