The Gods Must REALLY Love Me!

Have you ever tried having a rational conversation with an irrational person more than once?

Is it difficult to listen to a radio because every time you go near it static ensues?
Do you have any allergies?  Are you crazy about Beethoven?

Have you ever never purchased a mirror and then decided after 5 decades to purchase one – why not! – and when you open the door to your car you notice the mirror has cracked in multiple places while in transit but nothing can explain this other than Halloween is 3 weeks away and maybe the goblins are doing a dry run before the 31st?

Are you an over-achiever?  Do you believe that concepts such as Truth and Beauty and Justice are not mere concepts but organic and tangible and breathing things and you devote your entire life striving to apply these concepts – regardless of consequences?

Have you been called an Idealist more than once?

Do you often sense trends before they emerge but nobody believes you when you try to share this insight and by the time the trends have become the fodder of fashion magazines no one remembers that you had once apprised them of these trends?

Are you really good when playing word games, such as Scrabble or Words With Friends, even though the latter game refuses to acknowledge that Eco and Bio are words but Ae and Aa are words even though you’ve never seen those words ever expressed in a sentence or otherwise?  

Is your favorite literary work The Idiot by Dostoevsky?

If you have answered Yes to any of the questions above then be proud to know that the Gods really like you and will continue to hoist upon you one challenge after another because they know how much you love to be challenged for what would life be like without challenges and with each challenge the stakes increase and well no one can ever say there is a dull moment even though what you secretly crave is peace and serenity but Hell there will be plenty of that once you’re dead and life is all about living, right?

Halloween is almost here!

And I am starting to crave spooky stories.

So I’m going to read the Wikipedia piece on Mothman, a non-earthling creature that was being channeled into Pleasant View (or something like that) in West Virginia for over 2 years, I believe, starting in the early 60s.  To me, that’s really spooky.  And the movie was so good!  I love Richard Gere.  He cries so easily!  I love to see men cry.


There’s nothing like Halloween — my favorite holiday, by far.  All that spooky, psychic stuff really gets to me, satiates my appetite for the moribund.

Only problem is, it doesn’t scare me!

What scares me are real people and how far they go.  The really sick ones.  The ones who should be locked away so as not to inflict the pain and suffering they inflict on others.  Unfortunately, it is the victims of these human atrocities who suffer, while they roam freely and plant destruction on their latest target.  The ones who are not strong enough to protect themselves.  The compromised ones.

I am composing a checklist of emotionally abusive personality traits — many are direct from personal experience — others are collected by those others have shared with me.  But the goal is always the same:  to inflict pain and suffering.

They will go to great lengths to do this.

They will destroy your property, for example.  But never hold themselves accountable for their actions.  Because they will always justify their emotional aggression towards you.  You deserved it. That type of thinking.  You know — You made me do it. And so justify their rage towards another human being.  This example may not be that common but it has happened and simply illustrates the degree of hostility these people hold for their victims.

More common examples are demeaning the vulnerable person, demanding the person do something they do not have the ability to do, withholding financial support, and physical comfort, such as heat during the colder months, and food.

I don’t like to use the word victim generally, because I know I am capable of changing, i.e., removing myself from a situation that is abusive.  However, when we are in the midst of this vicious cycle — because it is the same cycle as that of physical abuse — and you are trying to break its grip on you, you are by its very nature a victim, and therefore highly vulnerable.

They will badger you until you can’t get up.

Just because the abuse does not show on the outside, the bruises are there, tucked inside of the psyche and the body and work their magic potion.  This, unfortunately, is exactly what’s wrong about systems that do not recognize emotional abuse as being as deadly as physical abuse.  They are the same in essence.

Emotional abuse   is    physical abuse.

Not only does the mind suffer but so does the body, and especially if you are already predisposed to suffering states of mind, which the abuser is fully aware of, and uses to his or her advantage.

Some people don’t need to decorate their houses for Halloween.  You may not know it, but when a trick-or-treater knocks on a door, they may be knocking on the Door of Hell, despite the smile that greets them there, to help them enjoy their holiday.