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TRANSLATION: On Pensions “… Straight to the grave …” by Γιώργος Δελαστίκ (George Delastik)

I thought it would be worthwhile to translate an article written by a Greek thinker on the critical scope of the Greek Economic Crisis, its vast implications, as illustrated in the imagined solution of pensions, as perceived by the EU and IMF and now their subject, Prime Minister George Papandreou.  The author, Γιωργος Δελαστικ, speaks […]

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INTODUCING… THE KING Of The European Eunion! ADDRESS TO NATION… While Riding His Bycycle.

LEDE… …  It may take a year to upload this file, but please be patient.  I know this is difficult since the advent of the Internet and The Rise and Decline of Human Concentration…  But if you can spare 9:20 minutes, it just may well be worth it.

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The Queen of Stupidity—

That would be me. I keep forgetting my helmet at home! No wonder I get confused.  Tuesday, Wednesday— What difference is there between them?  Without my helmet secured to my head, I am at a disadvantage—  My navigation skills are significantly diminished. Now I know I have mentioned The King of The European Union more […]

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Wanna See A REAL Revolution?

Epicenter As soon as Athenians can no longer smoke their cigarettes the way they like to— As soon as their cigarettes are taxed into oblivion… That’s when the real revolution will begin. Just wait. It’s right around the corner.

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Sunday Romp With … “The Professors”

Blue Skies It had been my intention—and still is—to rest and enjoy the clear skies and warmth of Athens today.  But, alas, a rift appeared before me, not long after I had awoken, and I was left with the problem of how to leap across it, and be on my way.  I splashed my face—not […]