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Lynched #metoo moment

(NOTE: I keep revisiting this case because I think it’s important to alert authorities of improper conduct toward other human beings – whether it be sexual or psychological – and it still has not been addressed by those whose responsibility it is to investigate such matters. Thus, it is still unresolved.) I’m having a #metoo […]

Bipolar Disorder

Boots and Revolutions

“I find that every Revolution requires an excellent pair of Boots.”  (That’s what Achilles says, anyway.) And Doc Martins are tops!  For me, at least. At 100 lbs and 5″1′.  Used them once before. Tops in Comfort and Agility. Notice my new pair?  The right one has a slight scar. Probably can’t see it.    

Mental Health Conditions

Federal Complaint (ADA) Against Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC) Towson, Maryland

As you can see, I have been busy, having all sorts of fascinating experiences!   The complaint below was filed with the ACLU and the Department of Justice this morning about behavior that is ethically and morally reprehensible, yet common practice. And it has to stop. Now.  (P.S.  You can thank WordPress for its most […]