Today and today and today

It’s been that way all day, today. 
Finally, finally, finally – 
(But dare I say it? 
Very risky 
Very very risky. 
Oh, well. 
I’m not a Las Vegas Person. 
But this. 
This interests me immensely. )

“Things are finally looking up.”
Good day yesterday. 
Good yesterday. 
Did research. 
Had my gourmet peanut butter and black currant jelly on country white bread sandwich. 

Listened to lots of music. 
And wrote. 
And wrote and wrote and wrote.  
Went to bed. Slept well. Up during the night cause I had an earlier nap. Relaxed. And productive. Woke up rested. 
Took another nap. 
Worked and worked. 
Went out to get cigarettes and gas. 
Took Illinois Elgin – O’Hare something, etc., intending to go to Starbucks and spend the afternoon on my computer. But there was no sign on what was formerly 355 for the Woodefield Mall Exit, a major shopping attraction, anymore. 

I didn’t want to go to O’Hare, and besides, I doubted it was done anyway. They started building it when I was still living in the area. It would be years before it reached O’Hare, decades, perhaps. 

Not that I was thinking about the shit above when I was driving – nope. Not at all. Mostly I was trying to figure out where the fuck I was. I landed several towns away and in a different direction. So I decided to make a left at the intersection. The street was broad and had several lanes in both direction and was empty. 

I pulled into the outer left-turn lane. There were 2 outer left-turn lanes, land the light was red, so I relaxed a bit, and thought about getting my google navigation out, to help me find my way back to Woodfield. 

The other lanes, to my right, had green lights. But traffic was extremely light. So I sat in my lane and waited for the red arrow to turn into a green arrow, while the other lanes – on both sides of the road – were green. 

My focus was ahead. 

Fuck!  I was hit. 


The seat belt locked me tight against the seat. That was the most painful. 

Aside from splitting my upper lip (my first ever!) I felt physically okay. But my brain was no longer intact. Who knows what chemicals it was awash in now?

My Brain was in Shock. 

The absurdity of what I have so lovingly titled, THE ODYSSEY OF INVISIBILITY, of events – totally, outside of my control – would rival Voltaire’s Tale. 

Eventually, you start to wonder why Today keeps looking the same?
You’re cursed!

And the day keeps changing and looking the same. 
Today and today. 
I would rather not 

Fate takes a sharp, left-turn …

… while I’m in this 1950s beauty.
Murky shade of green.
And big.

And I’m going …
I can hear the tires screeching.

Who’s that, I’m wondering.
Alone out there in the darkness.

But all I hear is my echo.
And the constant buzz of skillful navigation.
So I keep going.
Up to the point of collapse.

Never knowing what’s ahead.
But knowing – believing in myself enough – to know what’s good for me and what’s not. –
Knowing I will restore my control of the steering wheel.
And I will follow your wishes.

(Could you please stop with those left turns, already?
Dramamine isn’t working.
So essentially, it doesn’t matter.
But it does.
To me.)

What is Fate?

What Is Fate?
It’s a question several have asked over the course of human thought. Western civilization started with Greece and her influence and interpretation and interaction with her neighbor to the South – Africa and Egypt.

Early Greek Art – The Kouros, for example, is based on an Egyptian template. What the Greeks did is simply stripped its ornament and showed its essentialForm.

(The italics on WordPress are archaic and Geekspeak. –
It’s annoying!)

So we’ve given Fate a lot of thought over the ages.
And since we are still talking about it –
It must mean something.
Like there’s still a lot more there to explore.

It’s one thing, however, to discuss Fate intellectually.
And quite another to feel swept up into its madness destruction and eventual resurrection –

That is quite different from mere speculation.
For example.

You are facing a transition in your life from one stage to another.

So in this case.
The picture may be construed using strong visuals.

As Fate would have it –

(Who else could come up with such a grand scheme besides Fate?
No one. Nothing.)

Fate said:

I am going to throw these two together and see what happens.

Very scientific.
A bit whimsical. (The strong identification of women as capricious and unpredictable.)
But also chilling.

One day, however, the two of them – the urgent questions they asked – stressed Fate’s Tech System really badly.

It was down for 15 minutes.
When Fate said:

Back to Chaos now.
And Probability!”

Lost Inn in Ocean City

I wouldn’t trade a dark and bright starry night for anything. The higher, the better.

And the moon – in all its cycles – is resplendent.

And I asked
myself why certain themes keep playing themselves over and over in my life.

The Broken Record.

(It’s been a fucking Greek Tragedy.)

Just when I get to the exact moment where I experience a sense – a possibility – something turns, and I have to start all over again.

Imagine having communicated with another so deeply in a spatial, intellectual, literal, spiritual and emotional sense – multi-dimensional…

And this has been one of the things to do in this life, right? One of the most important goals on the list. And then you suddenly feel it happening and you may not trust it because you think it may be a trick – as you know by now, you should, right?

It totally sucks.

The beauty of sitting on a balcony by the sea, with the lazy waves come and crush the shore –

Nope. Wouldn’t trade that for anything.