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Today and today and today

It’s been that way all day, today.  Finally, finally, finally –  (But dare I say it?  Very risky  Very very risky.  Oh, well.  I’m not a Las Vegas Person.  But this.  This interests me immensely. ) TODAY “Things are finally looking up.” Good day yesterday.  Good yesterday.  Did research.  Relaxed.  Had my gourmet peanut butter […]

Difficult to Categorize

Fate takes a sharp, left-turn …

… while I’m in this 1950s beauty. Murky shade of green. And big. And I’m going … “Whoa!” I can hear the tires screeching. Who’s that, I’m wondering. Alone out there in the darkness. But all I hear is my echo. And the constant buzz of skillful navigation. So I keep going. Up to the […]

Speaking of Words

What is Fate?

What Is Fate? It’s a question several have asked over the course of human thought. Western civilization started with Greece and her influence and interpretation and interaction with her neighbor to the South – Africa and Egypt. Early Greek Art – The Kouros, for example, is based on an Egyptian template. What the Greeks did […]


Lost Inn in Ocean City

I wouldn’t trade a dark and bright starry night for anything. The higher, the better. And the moon – in all its cycles – is resplendent. And I asked myself why certain themes keep playing themselves over and over in my life. The Broken Record. (It’s been a fucking Greek Tragedy.) Just when I get […]