The Fruits Of Social Media

Exclusive Status Update: Facebook

What’s On My Mind? … And I’m not the only one who feels this way, Facebook … I know others who feel the same. (I’m not talking about those who really know you and those who you really know and who know what’s going on and understand the Silences.) … It’s those other ones … […]

Face Book

Sparring on Face Book

Take a look.       bb h   

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The Arithmetic of Dreams: Add It Up

I have often wondered how the subconscious influences our consciousness. And a question in search of an answer is: What is the Subconscious? We can speculate endlessly about its connection to Consciousness, but it is somewhat difficult to actually go there and form a mathematical equation, for example, of its properties. We just know it’s […]


The Ghost of LinkedIn

LinkedIn almost feels like Microsoft Forums. Have you ever tried wandering through the rooms of Microsoft, looking for an answer to your question? Well they are eerily empty. No signs of human habitation or plant life there. You are alone in the universe. But LinkedIn is even scarier, because you see faces and activity taking […]

Structure and Visualization of Language

LinkedIn: Tight Spaces

AS THEY APPEARED ON LINKEDIN “Two Things – Linkedin (I guess I only have 43 characters! Actually the number keeps changing – LinkedIn, that needs some work. Now I have 144. Run with it.) First, I really feel uncomfortable giving apps permission to access my address book. Since there are several in my book who […]