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Lynched #metoo moment

(NOTE: I keep revisiting this case because I think it’s important to alert authorities of improper conduct toward other human beings – whether it be sexual or psychological – and it still has not been addressed by those whose responsibility it is to investigate such matters. Thus, it is still unresolved.) I’m having a #metoo […]

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Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell in America's Health Care System

S SOMEWHERE BETWEEN HEAVEN AND HELLBut it was a gas.  St. Alexius Brother’s In HOFFMAN ESTATES, Il (Submitted to Yelp. Almost positive they’ll yank it.) PART I After coming from a State with a horribly disfigured Health System, when I walked through the revolving doors at Alexian Brothers, I thought I had walked through the […]


On Being Treatment Resistant, While Listening To Nick Cave

It’s one of those days when I can’t get off the couch.  The weather is lousy.  Freezing rain.  Cold.  Frigid mood — a favorite of Depression’s smorgasbord of feelings.  Today, I normally run a writing group where we write about how we cope with our illnesses.  It’s a small group of loyal participants, and contributions […]