The End of a Relationship

Is usually not pleasant.  Emotional turmoil.  And personal circumstances.  Combined, form the product of a bad collision.  Pain and suffering is normal.  And you only know that you can no longer stand it.  Because you know it is killing you.  You are wasting away.  And are ignored.  Venom is aimed at you.  And all you […]

APPLE Emotional Abuse NOTES

MacBook Pro

It is by far the most elegant Mac I have worked with.  It is built like a fine Modern Dancer, lithe and limber, organic, the way it moves.  There is nothing rigid about it.  Even when the computer is closed, you feel as though it is still with you.  The pulsing light on the front […]

Emotional Abuse


There’s nothing like Halloween — my favorite holiday, by far.  All that spooky, psychic stuff really gets to me, satiates my appetite for the moribund. Only problem is, it doesn’t scare me! What scares me are real people and how far they go.  The really sick ones.  The ones who should be locked away so […]