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Music for the Soul to Dance to

When I first awaken, I head to my tiny kitchen and fill my French Press with coffee and boiling water. I press beyond the water level, and although the instructions say to leave it there for 5 minutes before you press it to the bottom of cylinder, I rarely make it to the 5 minute […]



Blogging Journalism

Stepping On The Brakes

  So I finally got the chance to spend some time here, on my actual computer, and figure out what was here, in terms of ease and maneuverability of my blog, cause I was having a really hard time searching for stuff on my own site.  Had no idea how to find anything.  So, added […]

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What Freedom Looks Like To Me (Photography)

Yesterday was a monumental day for me. And so my friend, Jessica, and I celebrated in an appropriate fashion. I danced. I balanced on a precarious wall. I saw beautiful and convoluted versions of Nature. – JESSICA AND I   JESSICA DOES THE “BETTY” POSE.     HANGING OVER THE EDGE OF A PICNIC TABLE   REFLECTIONS. CLOUDS […]


Bad Job Advice

One guy told me to pursue my dreams because they were more interesting than being a technical writer. But I could’ve used a steady income to have lived comfortably at that time. It would not have hurt me at all. Or would it? So what did I spend the next 15 years doing? Having episodic […]