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Chronicles Of A Weary Traveler: Enterprise Rent-A-Car Review

In order to place this experience in its proper context, I would be remiss if I did not explain what precipitated my eventual arrival at Hertz, and the disastrous financial consequences of that fateful encounter, upon my return to the States, following an 18+ month period of living abroad – It began with Enterprise. Once […]

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Bad Arithmetic: The Algorithms Of Job Apps

Bad Arithmetic In an age where the bulk of our communications is done online, you’d think the job of communicating would be easier, but it is not, especially when you are looking for a job, and the experience, you realize, is a futile attempt to communicate substance, and ultimately, dehumanizing. I knew I would be […]

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Less Than Zero: Review: Hertz Rentals at Dulles International Airport Location

(NOTE: May not be suitable for more sensitive readers.) No wonder Iman, the Hertz Customer Service Manager, had a smug expression on her face. She KNEW they were going to get their money. After all, I HAD signed a contract. Didn’t matter that the essence of the contract was misrepresented by the Hertz associate. However, […]

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The Hypocrite – Symptoms and Detection

The Hypocrite Symptoms and Detection The Hypocrite, unlike the Bureaucrat, who is a master of resistance, sees a fool in every room, and therefore has a lively and energetic mind, and is constantly engaging those around him or her, with constantly developing and evolving strategies, on how to best hide behind his or her duplicity, […]

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The Human Imposter

The Human Imposter Part 1 Beliefs Evolution Bugs One day I discovered that where our tails had once been, scales now began to appear and develop. The rest of my flesh was still intact, but for how long? While most prefer to think in terms of evolution, I was forced to consider de-evolution as an […]