“The Adderall Diaries” (Film Review)

“I don’t know about other people, but when I watch a really good film, I read the credits, from beginning to end. I want to know exactly who was involved in the Production of the film, from Director to Grips to Hair Department Head (kind of funny, isn’t it?) to Parking Coordinator to Tattoo Consultant.

Each film is different and therefore those involved vary. Like Tattoo Consultant. However, some things are constant and never change. Those people are usually at the top of the list, and each one plays a vital. role. It’s an industry because of these factors and requires lots of technical expertise, which means a lot of jobs  

Then, of course, it lists who funded the production. Was it an Independent studio or a major studio, like Universal. And then, we have a gem the gem – Sundance, which always invests in highly creative projects. They don’t do films based on Comic Book characters, for example. 

The Executive Producer of The Adderall Diar”

And that’s where the rest of the piece got trashed, and I could not restore it, from the trash, got an error message, and there’s no fucking way, I am going to rewrite. Plus, I can’t change the permalink, which says”/trashed” And that’s the slug.

That’s WordPress. Great, ain’t it?

And the irony is? The piece refers to the Demons of Writers.


Has anyone hit bottom lately?
I have. 
I just did. 
It lasts an eternity. Everything is in slow motion. Pictures, primarily. 
For the past 2 years – almost exactly to the day – whenever someone asked –
“So. How are things going?”
And all I could think of saying –
“Have you ever read Candide by Voltaire?  Well if you have, it’s just like it. It can’t get any worse than this, right?  And it does. Every time. You have no idea where you are going. You just know it is deeper and, and deeper, and going deeper, and deeper 
The Earth Oven.
That’s how it’s been going.
Uh, huh.”
I got so tired of saying that. 
I was bored to Death on this cruise to the Mediterranean Region of my Brain. 
I was just about to die when Love rescued me from the Mouth of Death.”
“Yo. What are you doing out here?
Get back here. 
Where do you think you are going, there?
Stupid WordPress 
Can’t fucking format my style cause you are all  lame engineers up there. No imagination whatsoever. Just numbers. And equations. Right?  
Fuck you. 
Fuck you. 
Fuck you. 
(You see?  There are no spaces between those 3 lines, but you insist on depriving me of the spaces my stanzas are in.
Ado holes