Conversations With My Hound … About Brooms, Motorcycles, Witches, And Caffeine 

BARKING How many times have I told you not to bark at Black Motorcycles? How many? BROOMS “Leave the fucking broom alone!  I need it. It’s my …  Transportation.  I’m a witch!” PROCRASTINATION “I know. I know. I’ve got to unpack. I get it. Thank you.” OMG “OMG. The World Fell Asleep! TELL it to […]

The Odyssey of Invisibility

The Odyssey of Invisibility: Medusa’s Orphan

  Once Barry delivered the car …  … to me and after I moved back to Montgomery County, it was no longer feasible for me to drive to the dealership for service – to that remote town whose name I can no longer recall. I just knew it was very, very, very far away, –  […]

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Lots of singing, anyway.  Heavy-Duty Gospel. Across the street. BALTIMORE. August 2015. Will post better on Twitter than here. Didn’t realize that was crap too! Whatever you wanna call it, LinkedIn. It just doesn’t work and is annoying. So, PLEASE fix it. Thank you.    

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BORROWING: Breaking Down Concepts Into Simple Conversations

SUGAR MODEL PROBLEM One person has bought and filled a canister with sugar. Another person starts using that sugar. When the sugar supply gets low, the supplier tells the borrower, they will have to replace what they have used. The borrower agrees to do this. The supplier fills the canister with the sugar remaining in […]

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Chopped Up Messages