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Waking Up The Past

As I mostly drift through sleep and wakefulness, last night (I think it was) I thought it was time to pull something from the Past I had written about particular concepts of Time and Space. It was over 5 years ago, when I was last in Greece, for an extended stay, and which incidentally, is […]

Comicdom Con Athens 2010 Culture

Comicdom Con Athens 2010: THE TITANS

Prologue Excited to read a comic convention was happening in Athens, I set aside my weekend to attend and share primarily with The Boys—my offspring—whom I had raised on a steady diet of Super Heroes and Villains from about age 3, a report of this conference.  After my exhausting escapade of trying to find the […]


The Greek Concept of Time and Space— Revisited!

Introduction When I was searching for directions to Comicdom Con 2010, Athens, I ran the address through Google maps, which showed me a route to the convention.  Then, seeking further clarification, I emailed the organizers of the convention, and Dimitris responded that the directions were indeed accurate, and that once I made a left on […]