Baltimore Baltimore State of Emergency

Last Night In My Neighborhood Around Midnight Baltimore

Earlier, friends had texted me, concerned about my safety. But when I responded casually that everything was just fine where I was at, they breathed better. I just went about my usual business of getting lost on my way to my doctor’s appointment and ending up in Bay View (or something like that) of the […]

Children MUSIC

Goodbye Children, Hello Summer

Today is the last day of school.  I will no longer hear the rhythmical cadences of the voices of children playing on the playground.  And I will sorely miss this lovely symphony.  A reminder always that in the end children matter above all else and how we treat them will be how they will treat […]

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Somewhere Between Aristophanes and Aristotle

Sometimes when the weather is cloudy it is difficult to discern what is exactly behind those clouds.  Clouds have a way of obscuring what needs to be brought to light but often cannot.  Such have been the past few days, and I have found myself wandering among strange places, not knowing my precise location, helpless.  […]


Let Them Play!

The White House recently solicited suggestions on how to deal with the obesity crisis currently affecting kids—at least I think they did.  And if they didn’t, well, I’d like to serve them a dish of my thoughts about that crisis anyway. Having worked as a substitute teacher for many years, I had the opportunity to […]