Dreaming of Cameras

Had a dream about you last night. You were traveling and I already knew you traveled a lot, but in my dream, I realized you were never traveling towards me, but always away from me.

Interesting how dreams clearly explain things you may feel, but are distracted, because your focus is multifunctional, filled with real problems that must be solved. And this compromises your ability to access a deeper path to yourself, where everything you need to understand is there, because that’s where your soul is. And your soul never lies.

So when you dream, you are equipped with a camera that is precise and focused. It never misses a detail, because that camera is perfect and fully operational and never stops working.

It’s a perfect camera, beyond our comprehension and skill. And we will never be able to replicate it. It’s code is impenetrable, and sealed behind an invisible door. But it still sends information from a network of its own, built to protect it from those whose intentions are not pure.

That’s why I love cameras.
That’s why I love to dream.

Posing For The Camera

Few of us have ideal features and one can easily exaggerate what is already slightly exaggerated through the lens of a camera. Photographers of the famous already know this and have all sorts of tricks up their sleeves to enhance what may otherwise be not so flattering.

So I decided to get serious.

I decided I would shoot a portrait of myself that would take the above factors into consideration.

This, henceforth, will be my official portrait. I couldn’t get it in one shot (sorry) but I managed to squeeze it into two.

Actually, I’m pretty camera-shy.
I always prefer to be behind the camera than before the camera.



Ta Da!