The Hypocrite – Symptoms and Detection

The Hypocrite
Symptoms and Detection
The Hypocrite, unlike the Bureaucrat, who is a master of resistance, sees a fool in every room, and therefore has a lively and energetic mind, and is constantly engaging those around him or her, with constantly developing and evolving strategies, on how to best hide behind his or her duplicity, undetected. 
The Hypocrite, unlike the Bureaucrat, who has no need to be charming (indeed is adverse to any such notion, repelled by it) is the epitome of charm, always engaging and feigning interest, especially with those who may have reason to expose him or her for who they actually are. The greater the possibility for exposure, the more animated and engaging they become. The goal is to protect their secret, especially once it has leaked through the cracks of their fortified (or so they thought) tower, that tower, being the machinery we call the Brain, and attempt to plug the holes, which have rendered them vulnerable to ridicule. 
The Hypocrite cannot tolerate ridicule. The Hypocrite has painstakingly built whatever fortification is necessary to prevent such exposure. The Hypocrite combs his or her reputation with mathematical precision, to remove any knots (for there will be many) embedded in their carefully coiffed image. Indeed, they spend lots of time admiring and checking themselves in the mirror, to ensure their image has not cracked. 
Hypocrites can be found in all walks of life, but the most prolific ones are usually are at the top, so beware, lest you reach the top, and find yourself frequently admiring your reflection in the mirror, for some hitherto fool will certainly detect the cracks in that fine-chiseled visage of yours. 


For me, that word conjures up incredible images. It suggests strength, stamina, health, vigor, and Grace. And that’s just the word.

But when I actually start thinking about it – I marvel at the words behind that word. The acronym. Behind it are four exceptional concepts which are highly positive.

Most acronyms are totally boring. Just go through any government manual – and at the end is a volume of acronyms used in the manual, which essentially have nothing that merits any storage in your brain. Totally empty of any meaning. Worthless and empty. And that’s why they’re there – a constant reminder of their insignificance in the general scheme of Life.

So to come across something that not only grabs your attention but sparks your curiosity is no small thing to come across.

It’s spontaneous but also cognizant of the emptiness that has embraced you for so long.

That is your inner light, talking to you.


Very academic when we begin to think in terms of projects.

Empowerment is an extraordinary concept. Again this is where you encounter Strength.

Another bullet in your pocket.

Who would like to argue that with me?
Anyone up for fun?

Very impressive.