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Busy Buddha Buddy

We’re shy of celebrating our one year anniversary by two months. It was love at first sight. I found him at a New Age conference in Rockville, Maryland, having gone there to look for incense, since Rockville doesn’t sell incense, and they had no incense either! Not really. (Maybe it’s taboo in Rockville?). However, there […]

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Dexter The Great Meets Buddha

Earlier this year three friends of mine and I spent an afternoon at a Buddhist retreat in High View, West Virginia. How appropriately named because it was a peak where you could see miles and miles ahead of you. We wandered through the lush forest and as we were preparing to leave, two monks from […]

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Dexter The Great! Just Chillin’

He’s my baby. And though we’re not together right now – but we will be – he’s an emotional therapy dog. When I was deeply depressed, he was the only one who was able to get me off the couch. If I slept too long, he would jump on the bed, and nip at my […]